Welcome to Cloudgene's documentation!

A framework to build Software As A Service (SaaS) platforms for data analysis pipelines.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.


You can install Cloudgene via our install script:

mkdir cloudgene
cd cloudgene
curl -s install.cloudgene.io | bash

Test the installation with the following command:

./cloudgene version

We provide a Docker image to get a full-working Cloudgene instance in minutes without any installation.

Getting started

The hello-cloudgene application can be installed by using the following command:

./cloudgene github-install lukfor/hello-cloudgene

The webserver can be started with the following command:

./cloudgene server

The webservice is available on http://localhost:8082. Please open this address in your web browser and enter as username admin and as password admin1978 to login.

Click on Run to start the application.


A job can be started by filling out the form and clicking on the blue submit button. The hello-cloudgene application displays several inspiring quotes:


More examples can be found in genepi/cloudgene-examples.