Installing applications

An online repository of all available applications can be found here.

Install an application

You can install applications by using the install command. Cloudgene installs all applications in the folder apps.

cloudgene install <id> <location>

The id parameter is a shorthand name of the application and is used to refer the application. Location could be a zip file or a yaml file accessible via http or which is located on the local filesystem.

A simple hello world workflow can be installed by using the following command:

cloudgene install hello-cloudgene

List installed applications

A list of all installed applications can be shown with the ls command:

cloudgene ls

This list prints the name and the version of an application and shows you if an application has no syntax errors.

Remove applications

An installed application can be removed with the remove command:

cloudgene remove <name>

What's next?

Please have a look at the developer documentation or visit our application repository to explore all available Cloudgene applications.