Running apps in the Web Application

The webservice displays a graphical userinterface for all installed applications. The webserver can be started with the following command:

cloudgene server

The webservice is available on http://localhost:8082. Please use username admin and password admin1978 to login. You can use the --port flag to change the port from 8082 to 8085:

cloudgene server --port 8085

For production you should use the script. Learn more

Connect it with a Hadoop cluster

Cloudgene needs a Hadoop cluster to execute MapReduce steps. Cloudgene uses the default configuration of your Hadoop Cluster. If it is installed on the Hadoop Namenode you can run it without additional flags. Otherwise you have to provide the url of your Hadoop cluster.

Running on a remote Hadoop cluster

Start the server with the --host flag to set the IP address of your remote Hadoop cluster:

cloudgene server --host <remote-ip>

Cloudgene executes your MapReduce steps on the remote cluster. You can use the --user flag to set the username which should be used to execute your job (e.g. it uses the HDFS directory of this user for all files):

cloudgene server --host <remote-ip> --user <remote-user>