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Submit Job

The API allows to set several imputation parameters. Data need to be specified in vcf.gz or in the 23andMe data format (txt or zip).

POST /jobs/submit/{$app}

The following parameters can be set:

Parameter Values Default Value
input-files /path/to/file
input-mode qconly, imputation imputation
input-files-source file-upload, sftp, http default: file-upload
input-refpanel hapmap2, phase1, phase3, hrc.r1.1.2016, caapa phase3
input-phasing eagle, hapiur, shapeit eagle
input-population eur, afr, asn, amr, sas, eas, AA, mixed eur



curl -H "X-Auth-Token: <your-API-token>" -F "input-files=@/path/to/genome.vcf.gz" -F "input-refpanel=hapmap2" -F "input-phasing=shapeit"
curl -H "X-Auth-Token: <your-API-token>" -F "input-files=" -F "input-files-source=http" -F "input-mode=qc" -F "input-mode=imputation" -F "input-refpanel=hrc.r1.1.2016"
  "message":"Your job was successfully added to the job queue.",


import requests
import json

# imputation server url
url = ''

# add token to header (see authentication)
headers = {'X-Auth-Token' : token }

# submit new job
vcf = '/path/to/genome.vcf.gz';
files = {'input-files' : open(vcf, 'rb')}
r = + "/jobs/submit/minimac", files=files, headers=headers)
if r.status_code != 200:
    raise Exception('POST /jobs/submit/minimac {}'.format(r.status_code))

# print message
print r.json()['message']
print r.json()['id']