cloudgene server

Starts the Cloudgene web-application which provides an user-interface to submit jobs for all installed workflows.


cloudgene server [--host <hadoop_cluster_ip>] [--user <hadoop_username>] [--docker] [--image <docker_image>] [--port]


Parameter Required Description
--host <hadoop_cluster_ip> no Execute all Hadoop steps on this Hadoop JobTracker (default: use localhost as JobTracker).
--user <hadoop_username> no Execute Hadoop steps on behalf of this username (default: cloudgene)
--conf <HADOOP_CONF> no Path to Hadoop configuration folder (e.g. /etc/hadoop/conf))
--port no Start the web-application on this port (default: 8082)


Start server without Hadoop support

cloudgene server

Start server on the Namenode of a Hadoop Cluster

Cloudgene uses the default configuration of your Hadoop Cluster. If it is installed on the Hadoop Namenode you can run it without additional flags:

cloudgene server

Start server and connect it with a remote Hadoop Cluster

cloudgene server --host <remote-ip>

Cloudgene executes your MapReduce steps on the remote cluster. You can use the --user flag to set the username which should be used to execute your Hadoop jobs (e.g. it uses the HDFS directory of this user for all files).