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cloudgene run

Executes a Cloudgene workflow on the command line. All input parameters of a workflow can be set through command-line paramters.


cloudgene run <app_or_filename> <params> [--conf <hadoop_conf_dir>] [--user <hadoop_username>][--no-logging] [--no-output]


Parameter Required Description
<app_or_filename> yes The location of a cloudgene.yaml file or the id of an installed application.
<params> yes All input parameters of a workflow have to be set through the commandline. For example, if a input-paramter with id input was defined and is required, then the corresponding commandline-paramter is --input <value>
--conf <hadoop_conf_dir> no Path to Hadoop configuration folder (e.g. /etc/hadoop/conf))
--user <hadoop_username> no Execute Hadoop steps on behalf of this username (default: cloudgene)
--output no Define a custom output folder (default: ./job_id).
--show-log no Stream logging messages to terminal.
--show-output no Stream output to terminal.
--force no Force Cloudgene to reinstall application in HDFS even if it already installed.